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TRC titanium retainers are manufactured from high quality, military certified, 6AL4V titanium alloy and CNC machined for a precise fit that will ensure long term durability and many race hours of use.

TRC titanium retainers help to prevent valve float and strengthen your valve train while being featherweight. They can handle a maximum net lift of 15.10mm. Coil bind is measured at 24.7mm and seat pressure was measured at 10.51lbs. per min.

Engine Applications

  • B-series VTEC (all)
  • F20/22C (S2000)
  • H22Ax (all)
  • K-series - **K20A/K20A2/K24A2 engines.

16pc set.

See list below for factory single and dual valve spring equipped K-series vehicles/engines:

Factory single valve spring equipped K-series engines:
- 02-05 Civic Si K20A3
- 02-06 RSX Base K20A3
- 04-06 RSX Type-S K20A2/Z1
- 06-11 Civic Si K20Z3

Factory dual valve spring equipped K-series engines:

- 02-mid'03 RSX Type-S K20A2
- 04-08 TSX K24A2
- 00-09 S2000 F20C/F22C
- 01-10 JDM RSX Type-R & Civic Type-R K20A

Supertech keepers (5.5mm 7-degree keeper) part number: KPR-5.5/7A x 32pcs
OEM Honda/Acura part number: 14781-PR7-A01 x 32pcs

If performing a full dual valve spring upgrade to a single valve spring equipped K-series engine, dual valve spring seats are required to complete the upgrade aside from dual valve springs, retainers, and keepers,.

**Important K-series Retainer Info:
Titanium K-series retainers require the use of either OEM K-series dual-valve-spring keepers or Supertech brand keepers for proper fitment. Keepers from a single valve spring equipped K-series engine are incompatible with TRC titanium retainers. Honda changed the OEM keeper groove angle on all 04+ K20-series engines (ie. single valve spring equipped) making them incompatible with all dual valve spring retainers.

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