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TRC Titanium VTEC Eliminator Pin Kit for Honda D Series D16 D16z6 D16y8 Killer

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Titanium VTEC Eliminator Pin Kit for Honda D Series

These pin kits are designed to be used in drag race applications where the engine is operated at high RPM with limited idle/low rpm use, not in a street car.

-4 Pins for locking VTEC on all D Series VTEC engines
-Lightweight Titanium, 35% lighter than stock pins (5.8g per rocker assembly)
-VTEC solenoid can be left in place, or a block off plate can be utilized
-LMA's can be left in place or be removed

Gain these advantages:

  • Reduced weight in the valve train which helps maintain proper valve motion and reduce the chances of valve float with extreme high RPM use.
  • No Vtec helps with oil pressure during High RPMS
  • simpler tune and it sounds bad ass.

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